What sets our DNA reports apart from the others?

  • Asian Genomic Database

    Our unprecedented access to population-specific variants and genetic markers makes for more precise results, tailored to East and Southeast Asian genomes.

  • Traffic Light Colour Coding System

    Our colour-coded labels show a snapshot of your results at a glance, with more in-depth information conveniently summarised for you in each section of your report.

  • Local Food Recommendations

    Our local food database is built to suit Asian palates and focuses on easily accessible dietary sources. This region-specific guidance is reflected in your report, helping you make healthier lifestyle changes.

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Lifestyle Report

All the essentials, in one place. If you want to get started on improving your health through lifestyle and diet changes, this is the report for you! Categories in our lifestyle report include:

  • Nutrient Needs
  • Food & Dietary Sensitivities
  • Weight Management
  • Fitness Potential
  • Skincare
  • Personal Traits
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Health Risk Report

Concerned about common health conditions that may be passed down to you, such as heart disease and stroke? Find out your genetic health risks, carrier status for inherited diseases, and drug response.

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Cancer Report

Early detection can save lives. Understand your risk of developing cancer over your lifetime with our cancer screening report, which includes over 25 different cancer types:

  • Ovarian cancer
  • Liver cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Melanoma

and many more...

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